Remove Rust All Around the House

Not all rust removal projects are large and take months or even years to complete. Some projects are just not worth the time and work it takes to remove rust. In other words, they are ready to R.I.P.

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But as you look around your home, you may see that some of your possessions or collections may need some rust removal and a little sprucing up.  Take the yard and garage as an example.  Sometimes it seems like rust has grown overnight on your garden bench and wheel barrel. As metal is exposed to the elements, it makes for a friendly environment for rust to develop. Rust Doctor makes this job easier.

wheel barrel

This could be anybody’s wheel barrel


Factory items made from metal need to be protected right away in the factory. What you can’t see is the rust developing in the pores of the metal if a protective coating is not applied. The amount of time for the product to rust depends on moisture and humidity in the air. This rusting process can start from a few hours to perhaps 24 hours.  While the paint may look all shiny and new, it is only a matter of time before the rust breaks through.  An example might be a wheel barrel.  A wheel barrel is made to “work”. You will haul dirt, sand, rocks etc in it. How about mixing cement in your wheel barrel? It doesn’t take much time and that rusty metal is coming through, especially when the paint gets scratched and nicked.  Of course it is human nature to let it go sometime before you tackle a re-do on your wheel barrel to remove rust.  But if you let is go long enough, your wheel barrel will develop holes in it and eventually become useless. But you can remove rust before it gets to that breaking point with the Rust Doctor and have your wheel barrel hauling materials once again.

Remove Rust from Your Outdoor Furniture

There are many wonderful styles of outdoor furniture. There are the very ornate cast iron chairs, gliders, benches and tables.  Retro-style tables and chairs have made it back into porches and yards.  While there are some companies that are trying to copy the old style, you can beat the sturdy quality of the truly old metal pieces.  We researched some of the history on this style of furniture, and some of the gliders we discovered were made in the 1920’s. Some companies specialize in the restoration of old metal furniture. A single restored chair can sell for $275 while an old style glider can fetch close to $2,000. Unless you want to part with a lot of money, you may want to restore these beauties yourself. There is a real satisfaction if completing a project where you do the rust removal and painting yourself.

retro chairs rusty

A real find to restore

glider set

Save money – Do it yourself

five chairs retro

Color them beautiful

Remove Rust from Postal Mail Boxes

If you look high and low, you can see where rust removal will  preserve  old treasures.  There are many charming old postal boxes in mostly older homes and buildings that have rusted.  When rust is allowed to progress, you can loose the detail in the mail boxes. This is why it is important to remove rust early on.  We happen to have the newer version and very common style of mail box that sits out by the curb. It is amazing how quickly it can rust. The amount of road dirt and grime that gets sprayed on the row of boxes is amazing. But removing rust from a mailbox is a week-end project you can accomplish.  Removing a box and installing a new one is more difficult than rust removal. Whether you are restoring or replacing a mailbox, check here to the USPS guidelines for installing a mail box.

mailbox cropped

A classic


Who hasn’t gone down a street or boulevard and noticed city poles and street signs that are covered in rust? You may not be able to have a say in the maintenance of these poles or street lamppost, but you can control what you have on your property. You can keep them fresh and sharp looking with little effort with Rust Doctor products.



Weather-vanes seem to really take the brunt of the weather elements. Many historical weather-vanes eventually will rust through and loose the ability to work or may fall apart all together. It would be a shame to loose these old treasures. There is no reason to not save these beauties with a little time and effort in a couple of days. Remember – safety first. Check out this web site for 10 safety tips if you are going up on a roof to work on a weather-vane.


Remove Rust from Old Tool Boxes

Some folks say you can’t trust a home baker who has a shiny new looking cookie sheet.  You could almost apply that saying to a tool box. Unless you have a brand new tool box, more than likely the tool box will get beat up over the years and start to rust. What a great surprise for the “do-it-yourselfer” if you could restore that old tool box for someone.  There are some great vintage boxes out there that are sturdy and solid and have many years left in them Consider gifting a restoration of a old  tool box for  a good friend or a family member who values their tool box and would appreciate an updated look. Perhaps you could add a special look to the box. Maybe pin striping, flame job, or their initials?

vintage tool box


General Rust Removal Directions with Rust Doctor

We invite you to visit our video on the Rust Doctor web for general directions of  Rust Doctor products and how to remove rust.  We value customer centered service. If you have questions about rust removal from your project, call or email us at the Rust Doctor. We also invite you tell us about your project.  We would like to share it with other DIY’ers , so send us some pictures of your successes here.

Remember this about the Rust Doctor

Rust Doctor products are:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in the USA

Best Wishes,

The Rust Doctor Team

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Remove Rust From a Race Car Undercarriage

I need to apply Rust Doctor to the undercarriage of my race car where most of the paint is gone and the metal has surface rust.  However the drive-shaft tunnel is still painted and not rusted. Will Rust Doctor adhere to the painted surface?  Should I scuff the paint to help adhesion? If not, how long will it take to flake off before I can paint it?

Thank you for your time,


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your question. It is one that comes to us frequently about rust removal and it’s great to check on it to make sure your project on your race car goes well.

After you have prepped your undercarriage with a cleaner/degreaser like the Grease Doctor and rinsed it thoroughly, you can apply the Rust Doctor to the whole surface to remove rust. The rust will convert to a black iron oxide surface with a clear primer on it. You can apply Rust Doctor over painted surfaces like the drive-shaft tunnel as well. If there are any nicks or scratches on the drive-tunnel, they will also turn black.  You may then want to paint the drive shaft along with the whole undercarriage.  Scuffing the paint will help with the adhesion of the Rust Doctor. Here’s a link to our “how to” portion of our web page.

A race car is quite an investment, as are most cars. It’s great that you are concerned with the car both inside and out and taking excellent care to remove rust.

Good luck on your project Eric, and have a great racing season. Feel free to send us pictures of your race car. We always like to post pictures of our customer’s projects. Just send a JPEG file  to our contact email and we will do the rest.

 Poor old Packard. Just a rust bucket waiting for rust removal.

Poor old Packard. Just a rust bucket waiting for rust removal.

Picture of the 3 stages of using Rust Doctor to remove rust. Before, after application and the final painted surface.


Remember this…..


Non Toxic and Non Flammable!


There are no solvents or strong acids in Rust Doctor. This allows you to restore rusty surfaces without the fear of toxic fumes or potential skin irritation. Rust Doctor can be sprayed in an enclosed environment without the need for special breathing equipment. Clean-up after using Rust Doctor is easy and only requires washing brushes and spray equipment with soap and water. Rust Doctor is a one step process and does not require any chemical preparation of the rusty metal or rinsing after it is applied. Shelf life is two years and the container can be opened and closed as many times as necessary. And, unlike many other solvent-based rust paints, Rust Doctor is completely non-flammable! It is an ideal product for customers who are concerned about the risk of fire whether at home or at the workplace.



How Much Rust Doctor Do I Need?

We often get questions about how much Rust Doctor is needed to repair rust. Here is a typical question we get. If you have a rusty metal question about usage, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We have helped our Rust Doctor customers figure square footage on some pretty interesting projects, like rusted roofs, iron picket fences etc.

Question About Rusting

I have an all original 1964 pick up that is rusting.

I want to keep it for my sons, but I’m afraid that the rust will get the better of it before they do.  If I use the Rust Doctor  product to stop the rust today, will my boys have any issues in the future  with sanding, priming, and painting?

This would be in about 8 – 10 years.



Thanks for your question Bruce. Sounds like your boys will have a great truck to work on in the future. It’s wise that you are thinking about fixing the rust now.

Once Rust Doctor turns the rust to a black iron oxide, the rust is permanently gone. If you apply Rust Doctor to your truck and want to work on it any time in the future (years later if need be), all you will have to do is slightly scuff the surface with fine sandpaper before you begin priming and painting. The clear primer left on the surface after Rust Doctor is applied gets harder over time. Scuffing is not necessary within the first 30 days of application. One way to avoid having to sand the surface in the future is to apply a primer within 30 days of the original Rust Doctor application. This way you (or your sons) will not need to sand it before they choose their favorite color to paint that ’64 truck.

Typically, a quart of Rust Doctor will cover all the floor boards and trunk area of a car or the frame of a car or truck . If you need to do more than a frame, you will need at least two quarts. Each Rust Doctor quart will cover 50 square feet of rusty metal. The gallon will cover 200 hundred square feet which is your whole truck. Here one more resource from our Rust Doctor web page.

The Rust Doctor Team

No one wants to see an old truck or car end up in the "rust graveyard" Repair rust now.

No one wants to see an old truck or car end up in the “rust graveyard” Repair rust now.