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Uses for Rust Doctor

Rust Doctor is a latex water based rust paint that converts rust to a non-rusting magnetite and primes the surface for topcoating with virtually all paints. It is a very flexible product that has been used for 15 years in all types of industrial applications. Below are just some of the many uses for Rust Doctor:

Stop Rust in Automotive Restoration:

  • Rust on frames.
  • Rusty floorboards.
  • Stop rust inside wheel wells.
  • Rust on car bodies.
  • Rust in automotive seems and welds.
  • Stop rust on upholstery springs.
  • Repair rust in automotive quarter panels.
  • Seal and stop rust in drip rails.
  • Treat rusty metal inside doors- especially door bottoms.
  • Stop rust and paint the backside of rusty bumpers.
  • Treat and paint rusting metal in engine compartments.
  • Renew rusting brake drums.
  • Stop rust on intake and exhaust manifolds.
  • Fix rust in car trunk areas.
  • Stop rust and paint package trays in classic cars.
  • Eliminate rust in window frames before installing new rubber molding.
  • Repair rusting metal battery boxes.
  • Repair rust on rusting sheet metal before using body filler or fiberglass.
  • Stop rust on rusty master cylinders.
  • Eliminate rust and prime truck beds.

Repair Rust on Motorcycles:

  • Stop rust on frames and prime before painting.
  • Eliminate rust inside handle bars.
  • Repair rust and prime fenders.
  • Stop rust on brackets, bolts etc.

Eliminate Rust in Marine Applications:

  • Stop rust and prime boat trailers
  • Repair rusting metal rails.
  • Stop rust and prime rusting metal surfaces.
  • Eliminate rust and prime storage tanks for painting.
  • Fix rust on engine brackets and supports.
  • Treat rusting metal prior to welding

Stop Rust on RV Equipment:

  • Repair and prime rusting pull-out steps.
  • Fix painted rusty bumpers.
  • Stop rust and prime propane tanks.
  • Eliminate rusty RV and trailer frames.
  • Stop rust and prime battery trays and boxes.

Eliminate Rusting Metal on Farms and Ranches:

  • Stop rust and prime antique tractors.
  • Repair rust on old farm engines.
  • Fix rusted metal areas on all types of farm equipment.
  • Eliminate rust and prime rusting machinery.
  • Stop rust on metal fences and gates.
  • Stop rust and prime rusting metal on squeeze chutes.
  • Fix rust on rusty metal pumps.
  • Repair rusting metal roofs and buildings.
  • Treat rusty metal prior to welding