Grease Doctor

A great solution for preparing rusty metal

Grease Doctor overview

Grease Doctor is a water based cleaner/degreaser that is very effective in cleaning all types of surfaces, including rusty metal. As a concentrate, it is mixed with water in various ratios depending on the cleaning needs. Used straight from the container, it cleans greasy, oily engines, frames, and transmissions. Diluted at a ration of 20 parts water to 1 part Grease Doctor, it can be used to clean carpets. Grease Doctor is removed after cleaning by wiping with wet rags or flushing with water.

How it works

Grease Doctor works on a chemical level to interface and “cut” existing grease or oil. The oil or grease molecules become “engaged” with the Grease Doctor molecules, which are then washed away by simple tap water. Grease Doctor is one of the rare instances in which oil and water DO mix!

Various uses

Straight from the bottle or with 1 part Grease Doctor to 1 part water, Grease Doctor is extremely potent and capable of cutting through heavy grease and oil (car engine and machinery grease, for example). For everyday applications (mild oils, slight rust contamination, etc.) Grease Doctor can be diluted with water in varying ratios. Examples of mixtures are:
1. Very dirty surface, mix 1 part Grease Doctor to 4 parts water
2. General cleaning, 1 part Grease Doctor to 10 parts water.
3. Kitchen countertops and floors, 1 part Grease Doctor to 20 parts water
There are many applications for Grease Doctor. To see a few possible uses of this great product, click here.


Grease Doctor is available in quarts and gallons. It can be purchased direct from our online store. You can also order Grease Doctor by phone or fax.