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Rust Doctor allows you to coat rusty metal and then topcoat with any kind of paint without the need to sand or grind to bare metal. This unique product chemically converts the rust to black magnetite, which is a very hard form of iron oxide (that can be welded). Because magnetite will not react with moisture and oxygen, it creates a protective layer that keeps the base metal from rusting. In addition, a latex primer is left on the surface, allowing for topcoating with any kind of paint. In one step, Rust Doctor repairs rusty metal. Learn More. 

  • Rusty Metal Before Treatment
  • Metal Treated with Rust Doctor
  • Rusty Metal Treated with Rust Doctor and Topcoated

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Fast Effective Permanent Elimination of Rust

  • Apply Rust Doctor to the Rusty Metal
  • Rust Converted to non-rusting Black Iron Oxide
  • Clean your Brush With Water

Easy to Apply

Rust Doctor can be sprayed, brushed or rolled over rusty metal. Rust Doctor turns the rust to a non-rusting black iron oxide that will never rust and protects the base metal from rusting. After Rust Doctor has cured, it can be topcoated with virtually all types of paint, or you can just leave it black. You can paint over rust and tight paint. Rust Doctor will turn the rust black and leave a clear primer on the entire treated surface, all in one step! If the surface is not as smooth as desired, sanding primers and body filler can be used to create as smoother surface. Rust Doctor is a very flexible product, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. See Tips and Tricks for other ways to use Rust Doctor.

Non-toxic and Non-flammable

There are no solvents or strong acids in Rust Doctor. This allows you to restore rusty surfaces without the fear of toxic fumes or potential skin irritation. Rust Doctor can be sprayed in an enclosed environment without the need for special breathing equipment. Clean-up after using Rust Doctor is easy and only requires washing brushes and spray equipment with soap and water. Rust Doctor is a one step process and does not require any chemical preparation of the rusty metal or rinsing after it is applied. Shelf life is two years and the container can be opened and closed as many times as necessary. And, unlike many other solvent-based rust paints, Rust Doctor is completely non-flammable! It is an ideal product for customers who are concerned about the risk of fire whether at home or at the workplace.

Efficient Surface Preparation

Prior to treating with Rust Doctor, the surface must be cleaned with a water based cleaner to remove grease, oil, dirt and any other contamination. Don’t be fooled, you can’t always see contamination on a rusty surface. One of the most effective ways to prepare greasy metal is with a chemical degreaser. Grease Doctor is a water-based cleaner that effectively removes dirt, grease, and oil from rusty metal prior to using Rust Doctor. Grease Doctor is also a concentrate that may be mixed with water — one quart will make several gallons of cleaner. In areas that just need dirt removed, Grease Doctor is mixed with water at a rate of 10 parts water to 1 part Grease Doctor. Click here to see other uses for Grease Doctor.


The Rust Doctor Ambulance Restoration

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