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Repair Rusty Metal!

non-toxic, quick & easy to use

Rust Doctor allows you to coat rusty metal and then topcoat with any kind of paint without the need to sand or grind to bare metal. This unique product chemically converts the rusty metal to black magnetite, which is a very hard form of iron oxide. Because magnetite is inert (will not react with moisture and oxygen), it creates a protective layer that keeps the metal from rusting. In addition, a latex primer is left on the surface, allowing for topcoating with any kind of paint. The rust is converted to magnetite and the surface is primed. In one step, Rust Doctor repairs rusty metal.

Easy to Apply

Rust Doctor can be sprayed, brushed or rolled over rusty metal. Rust Doctor turns the rust to a non-rusting black iron oxide that will never rust and protects the base metal from rusting. After Rust Doctor has cured, it can be topcoated with virtually all types of paint, or you can just leave it black. You can paint over rust and tight paint. Rust Doctor will turn the rust black and leave a clear primer on the entire treated surface, all in one step! If the surface is not as smooth as desired, sanding primers and body filler can be used to create as smoother surface. Rust Doctor is a very flexible product, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. See Tips and Tricks for other ways to use Rust Doctor.

Non Toxic and Non Flammable!

There are no solvents or strong acids in Rust Doctor. This allows you to restore rusty surfaces without the fear of toxic fumes or potential skin irritation. Rust Doctor can be sprayed in an enclosed environment without the need for special breathing equipment. Clean-up after using Rust Doctor is easy and only requires washing brushes and spray equipment with soap and water. Rust Doctor is a one step process and does not require any chemical preparation of the rusty metal or rinsing after it is applied. Shelf life is two years and the container can be opened and closed as many times as necessary. And, unlike many other solvent-based rust paints, Rust Doctor is completely non-flammable! It is an ideal product for customers who are concerned about the risk of fire whether at home or at the workplace.

Efficient Surface Preparation

Prior to treating with Rust Doctor, the surface must be cleaned with a water based cleaner to remove grease, oil, dirt and any other contamination. Don’t be fooled, you can’t always see contamination on a rusty surface. One of the most effective ways to prepare greasy metal is with a chemical degreaser. Grease Doctor is a water-based cleaner that effectively removes dirt, grease, and oil from rusty metal prior to using Rust Doctor. Grease Doctor is also a concentrate that may be mixed with water — one quart will make several gallons of cleaner. In areas that just need dirt removed, Grease Doctor is mixed with water at a rate of 10 parts water to 1 part Grease Doctor. Click here to see other uses for Grease Doctor.

Watch our more detailed video on how to use Rust Doctor.

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Rust Doctor Ambulance

As a way to demonstrate the various ways to use Rust Doctor, The Rust Doctor Team is restoring a classic 1969 Pontiac Ambulance. This project will include treating all rust on the vehicle with Rust Doctor products. Features of the Rust Doctor Ambulance Restoration Project include installing a new 455 cubic inch engine with electronic fuel injection. Ambulance suspension will be improved by adding heavy-duty sway bars and air shocks. Sheet metal on the body will be treated with Rust Doctor and then painted with a base coat and clear coat. The interior will be restored as original in the passenger area while the cab will include custom dash, tilt steering, cruise control, air conditioning, custom sound system and six way power seats. The Rust Doctor Ambulance will travel the United States to attend cars shows and auto swap meets this summer and fall. Click here to learn more about the Rust Doctor Ambulance.

Don’t take my word for it

What Our Customers Say About Rust Doctor

Fixing rusty metal on a lawn mower

“I cleaned my mower as usual this past year, turned it over and knocked the grass off the bottom. After I purchased the rust doctor I went and looked at the rust that was gathering under my mower. I put a brush in my Makita and cleaned off all the dirt and grime and then hit it with the Rust Doctor. The rusty areas turned black as I expected but so did the parts of the bolt heads. I had no idea that rust was starting to form on the shiny metal. Thanks Rust Doctor!”

Mac M., Portland, Oregon

Restoring a classic Porsche

“My hobby is restoring old Porsches. Recently, while working on a 1972 911, I discovered rust in the engine and trunk compartments. Rust is a very serious issue in Porsches because they are constructed using a unibody design. The body is the frame so rust can seriously weaken the whole car. I applied Rust Doctor to the rusted areas and was very impressed when the cream colored Rust Doctor turned the rusted areas black. I like this process because I can see when the rust has all been neutralized. Other prodcuts only cover up and mask the rust. To me this is a fool-proof process. I have since used Rust Doctor on a 1973 Porsche 914.”

Jim W., Eugene, Oregon

Fixing rusty metal trunks and floorboards

“The floorboards and trunk area in my 1964 Falcon were very rusty. I applied Rust Doctor and watched all the rust turn black. It went on easily and saved me a great deal of time and effort. We just bought our daughter a 1968 Mustang. Just like the Falcon, there is a lot of rust to deal with in this car. I bought some more Rust Doctor and we are now treating the rust in the Mustang. I really appreciate how easy it is to use Rust Doctor.”

Bob C., Jacksonville, Oregon

“I have a 1965 Dodge Dart. A friend gave me some Rust Doctor to eliminate the rust in the trunk of my Dart. I brushed on the Rust Doctor and turned all the rust black. It is important to me that my restorations by done right and the Rust Doctor did a great job taking care of my rust problem.”

Larry V., Applegate, Oregon

Repairing rusty wrought iron railings

“My Mom’s old house has wrought iron railings — you know how rusty they can be. Well, I took a wire brush and knocked off all the lose rust and dirt. Because of the intricate pattern of the iron I used a rag and wiped on Rust Doctor. I waited about 5 minutes and then hit it with another coat. Wow! It looks better than new!”

Kathy M, Portland, Oregon

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