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Technical Data

Rust Doctor is non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable. It does not have any strong or dangerous fumes and will not damage paint, glass or plastic. If you get it on your hands, merely wash them with soap and water. Following is information about using Rust Doctor.

Applying Rust Doctor to Rusty Metal
When brushing, force Rust Doctor into seams and crevices so it can convert the rust and seal off the opening. Foam brushes work well in small areas. For large areas, use a latex bristle brush. Apply enough Rust Doctor to completely cover the rust so that none can be seen above the paint surface.

Rust Doctor can be sprayed using an airless spray gun with a latex tip. When using conventional sprayers, use a 19-21 tip. Use Rust Doctor just as it comes from the container-do not dilute. Apply at a rate of 8-10 mil. On metal with thick rust, remove loose rust and apply one coat of Rust Doctor. After about ten minutes, while the surface is still tacky, apply a second coat. It is important to apply enough Rust Doctor to convert the heavy rust layer.

If you do not plan to top coat, apply two coats of Rust Doctor. Top coating is recommended if the surface is going to be exposed to the elements. When the surface will experience a lot of wear and tear, top coating is recommended.

Top Coating Rust Doctor
Rust Doctor will accept virtually all paints. On a large project, a test area should be established to assure paint adherence. Body filler and fiberglass have been successfully used on rusted metal treated with Rust Doctor. Because there are many brands of these products, a test area should be used to be sure the product will work with Rust Doctor.


Milky white to tan when applied.


Very Mild

Drying time:

Dry to touch in 20-30 minutes

Cure Time:

16-24 hours.


50-60 grams/liter. 8 oz. Per gallon.


8.6 lb/ gallon


200 Square feet per gallon.

Shelf life:

Two years at room temperature.

Application Temperature:

40 to 100 degrees.

Equipment cleaning:

Soap and water.

Surface Preparation:

Wire brush, Non-hydrocarbon cleaners.

Top Coating:

Top coat after 24 to 30 days. Roughen surface after 30 days.


Do not pour unused Rust Doctor back in original container.

Shipping Restrictions:



Do not allow Rust Doctor to freeze. Store above 38 degrees.

Commercial Use

Rust Doctor has been used for 15 years in industrial environments including marine applications.