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Industrial Applications of Rust Doctor

Rust Doctor is an excellent product for use in industrial applications. Because it is water based and doesn't contain any solvents or strong acids, it is safe to use in enclosed environments because there no toxic fumes and it is non-flammable. Many companies have used Rust Doctor to remove rust form metal beams in commercial buildings while workers could safely continue working in the building. Application by brush, spraying and rolling allows for  flexibility  in all types of restrictive environments. Rust Doctor is a fast efficient method to eliminate rust.  Simply apply Rust Doctor to a clean rusty surface.   The rust is converted to a non-rusting iron oxide called magnetite which will not rust.  In addition to converting the rust, Rust Doctor leaves a latex primer on surface which allows you to top coat with any color or type of paint.

In environments where there is continuous moisture, rust can be a an ongoing problem. Using mechanical methods to remove rust and then repainting the surface works for a limited amount of time. As the paint and primer age, the moisture starts the rusting process again. When Rust Doctor is used to remove the rust, the rust is converted to Magnetite which is an inert substance which will not react with moisture and oxygen. Moisture cannot penetrate the Magnetite,  keeping any future rust from forming.  This provides long term protection for the treated surface and reduces the cost of continued repainting which reduces maintenance costs.

Use of Rust Doctor in an industrial application is only limited by your imagination.  One company that rebuilt car generators set up an assembly line to tear down the generators and then rebuilt them. Several stations on the assembly line removed the rust on the generator casing by applying Rust Doctor to the rust  with small spray nozzles.   Because Rust Doctor will not damage wiring and only reacts to rust, they did not have to worry about getting Rust Doctor on the wiring on the casing. To clean up the system, at the end of the day, they ran water  through the tubes supplying Rust Doctor to the work station.

A contractor  working at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site in Washington, was in the process of tearing down a water tank that had contained water from a nuclear reactor. The tank was 90 feet long and 40 feet high.  As they started cutting into the tank to dismantle it,  the metal saw blade caused the rust inside the tank to fly off the surface in dust particles and small pieces.  Because the dust was released into the air, the Geiger Counters  set off an alarm.  They had to shut down their operation until they could find a way to eliminate this problem.  Rust Doctor was the solution to their problem.  By Spraying the inside of the tanks with Rust Doctor,  the rust was converted to magnetite.  When the saw blade cut into the magnetite, it merely created small pieces of magnetite that fell to the ground.  The contractor was able to clean up the particles with the other metal and move it to a disposal site,  without releasing any radioactive material into the atmosphere.

Rust Doctor in a cost effective and safe solution for all types on industrial uses.  if you have an application that you think Rust Doctor will work for you, order today or call us and we can talk about the best way Rust Doctor will work for you.