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Ask the Rust Doctor – Minor Rust Nicks & Scratches

Posted by Rodger Busse on

Rust Spots and Scratches

Oh those irritating little nicks and scratches that eventually rust. Here is an e-mail from a customer who is wanting to know how to deal with those pesky rusty metal nicks and scratches before she sends it off for a pint job.


Good Evening,

My question is – Can Rust Doctor be used on a vehicle that has minor rust and can it be used on the entire vehicle to prevent rust before sending my car to Maaco for painting? Reason being –  if you know about Hondas’, they tend to rust at wheel wells all the time.  I want to fix that problem but also ensure that rust won’t appear anywhere else on my car. From my understanding, Rust Doctor once dried can be painted over and I wouldn’t have to prime my car. Your immediate reply is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Kitrinna S                                                 

Hi Kitrinna,

Congratulations for keeping your car in top shape!  Acting now can save your car from  more damage from rust in the future. You can use the Rust Doctor on any thing that is rusty, including cars.  Probably over half our customers are using Rust Doctor to repair their cars, including some very expensive collector cars.  To fix the rust spots on your car, clean the rusty area with a water based cleaner to remove contamination such as dirt and road oil (along the lower part of the car) as well as oil from your hands.  Rinse the surface to remove continents.  Our Grease Doctor cleaner/degreaser is a good product for this purpose.  It is a concentrate so you mix water with it depending on how strong a cleaner you want.  Mixing directions are on the bottle.


Once the surface is clean, you can apply Rust Doctor to any rust on the surface.  Use an artists brush ( small pointed paint brush) to dab Rust Doctor on nicks and scratches.  Because Rust Doctor has rust converters and a clear primer, it will tend to help fill the depression left by the loss of paint on the damaged spot.  Once the Rust Doctor has dried for 24 hours, you can use a bottle of touch up paint to finish the repair job.  Once rust turns black from the application of Rust Doctor, you will never have to deal with rust on that spot again.  I should point out that Rust Doctor must come in contact with rust to eliminate the rust.  Rust Doctor does not prevent rust if applied to a non- rusty surface.

Check out our extended  video on our “how to”  page for more information on how Rust Doctor works.

Rust Doctor is easy to use.  It is non-flammable, bio-degradable, non-toxic and water-based for easy clean-up.

We hope this information was helpful.

Best Regards,

The Rust Doctor Team

Feel free to  contact us with any questions regarding Rust Doctor Products


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