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Rusty Metal is Everywhere!

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The Rust Doctor is located in Southern Oregon, USA. But rusty metal is everywhere!

Rusty Metal is Worldwide

We get inquiries from all over the world.  Rust Doctor has been shipped to New Zealand,  Australia,  England,  Poland and other countries. When we got a recent email from a Dan in Canada about using Rust Doctor to remove rust on his car restoration project. We thought it might be a good time to give a review of the process on preparing a project for rust removal.  Here is what our technical team wrote to Dan in Canada.



HI Dan,

You can apply Rust Doctor over bare metal, paint and rust. Rust Doctor usually turns bare metal black because there is some rust in the metal, it just hasn’t come to the surface.  Of course Rust Doctor will turn the rust into a non-rusting black iron oxide but it won’t have any effect on the paint.  The entire treated surface will be left with a clear primer coating so you will see black and the paint through the clear primer.  Quite often there will be tiny nicks a scratches in the paint that have rust present so you will see these as black spots in the paint.  Sometimes they are so small; you don’t know the rust is there until you treat the surface with Rust Doctor. Then your project is ready for the next step in your restoration. You can paint with any paint you choose. You can easily use Rust Doctor and body fillers. Check out this blog post  on our site regarding body fillers.


This is body filler on the Rust Doctor Ambulance

Regarding where you can use Rust Doctor, based on what I described above, you can use Rust Doctor anywhere on any part or location on a car.  Of course you will need to clean the surface before you use Rust Doctor.  Our Grease Doctor works very well for this purpose because it is a concentrate you mix with water.  You can adjust the strength of the product by adding more or less water.  For example, the engine compartment, undercarriage and frame are likely to have oil or grease on the surface so you use it straight or with one or two parts water as a degreaser.  Outside sheet metal may have light road oil residue along the bottom  while upper areas my only have oil from touching the surface or some other light residue so you can adjust the cleaning mixture accordingly.  Interior areas of the car are usually free of oil residue and can be cleaned with a ratio of ten parts water to one part Grease Doctor.  It is important to clean all areas to be treated as a clean surface is important before treating with Rust Doctor.  Be sure and rinse the surfaces with water to remove cleaner and surface contamination.  If you can’t rise with a hose, you can use a bucket and rags to rinse the surface.  As you probably know, preparation is the key to any successful painting project.

Unlike other products on the market, Rust Doctor is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and easy water clean up. You do not need specialized respirators as many solvent based products require. Check out this link from our Rust Doctor web site.


We are happy to assist you with any future questions or technical help in removing rust.  Contact us here.

As a reminder, our Youtube (short version) video on how to use Rust Doctor is available on our website.  We also have a more detailed version for viewing.  We   address many car, home, and industrial use on our blog. Come and visit! FAQ

The Rust Doctor Team

Rust Doctor gets rid of rust

Rust Doctor gets rid of rust!

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