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Rusty Questions

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Spring Time Review 

As Spring approaches, the days get longer and so our project list grows.  Mark sent us an email about using Rust Doctor on rust. He has several projects he want to tackle and had questions regarding using Rust Doctor on his rusted metal. These questions might help clarify projects you are working on this Spring.

Q:  When painted metal has been out side and there is rust coming through the painted steel, do you just knock off all the loose particles then apply Rust Doctor over everything?

A:  On painted steel that is showing rust, you will need to remove any loose paint to expose the rust underneath. Rust Doctor must come in contact with the rust in order to convert it to the non-rusting black iron oxide called magnetite. You can the paint over the entire surface to stop any rust anywhere on the surface. Even the smallest nick in the paint will contain rust and Rust Doctor will eliminate the rust.  In addition to stopping the rust, Rust Doctor leaves a clear primer on the entire surface you treated so you can top coat without priming.  

Q:  Can you apply Rust Doctor over new steel and have the same effect or should I let the new steel sit outside and become slightly rusty, then apply the rust doctor ?

A:  On new steel, it is best to have a coating of rust so the Rust Doctor can covert the rust to magnetite, giving you permanent protection from future rusting. More rust is better than slightly rusty as the thicker the rust, the thicker the magnetite protection.

 Q:  Can you apply rust doctor over cleaned weld joints or do you need them to “rust up” too?

A:  On clean weld joints, you would want a rust coating just like on the bare steel. If there is no rust, you will have steel with a clear latex primer but no magnetite protection.

Q:  How much coverage to you get out of a gallon of Rust Doctor?  I have a lot of outdoor structural steel that needs painted.  This steel is somewhat rusty. Do I want to knock the loose pieces off then paint it with the Rust Doctor?

A:  A gallon of Rust Doctor will cover 200 square feet of rusty metal. Yes you would need to knock off the loose rust and loose paint.  We have found a great way to clean the surface and remove the loose rust and paint.  Our  Grease Doctor is a cleaner/ degreaser that removes dirt, grease and oil from the surface of the metal. You mix water with the concentrated Grease Doctor according to how strong a cleaner you want. There are mixing instructions on the label.  Apply the Grease Doctor to the surface with a spray bottle or garden sprayer. Brush the surface with a wire brush or Scotch Brite Pad. This works the cleaner into the surface and removes loose rust or paint. Rinse the surface with water to remove contamination, loose rust and paint from the surface.  If you have a pressure washer, you can rinse the surface using the pressure washer to skip the wire brushing process.  Always check the surface and make sure you have removed all the loose material. Make sure the cleaned surface is dry before treating it with Rust Doctor. Q:  Can I apply a galvanized paint to the Rust Doctor treated surface? A: There are so many different formulations of galvanized paint; we can only advise that you check with the manufacturer of the galvanized paint to insure that their product can be applied over a latex primer. Rust Doctor leaves a latex primer on the surface as well as converting the rust. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ As a Springtime reminder- Rust Doctor is non-toxic, bio-degradable  and non-flammable which is good for all of us and the environment.

NontoxicWe invite you to contact us with your questions about Rust Doctor products and how to best use them.

On the home page you will also see our Rust Doctor video showing you how to use the Rust Doctor

We love to feature projects from our customers who have had success with their rust metal projects.

Send us you before and after pictures and we will feature them on our Rust Doctor Blog.

Here is a picture of Martin’s John Deere Tractor.

Copy of tractor


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