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As the lazy days of summer wind down, it may be time to take a close look at your gutters before fall sets in and the rains start in earnest. Take a close look to check for rusting metal.   The thing you will want to avoid at all costs is having rust break through. If this happens, you may be looking at an expensive replacement. You also want to keep your gutters in good repair to keep water from getting close to your foundation or on the siding,  causing expensive damage.

Wow! Water clean up on the job!

YIKES! Rusty metal break through!

Tips for Removing Rust

  • Make sure you are comfortable being on a ladder. Never a good idea to work alone on a ladder or roof when someone is not home with you – in case of a fall.
  • Wear protective eye guards to keep debris such as dirt and leaves out of your eyes. A hard hat is a good idea when on a ladder or roof.
  • Start by clearing the gutter of all dirt and debris. Leaves, dirt and needles really pile up over a season.
  • Use a wire brush knock off loose flakes of rust and paint. There is no need to sand down to the bare metal. Rust Doctor needs rust in order to convert it to a hard surface of magnetite for long term protection.

    wire brush

    A great rusty metal tool

  • Wash the gutters with a product like Grease Doctor. This is a concentrate that can be diluted as a cleaner or degreaser.  You may want to spray Grease Doctor with a spray bottle or some customers prefer a garden sprayer.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Sponge out the excess water so there are no puddles of water.  It is OK if the surface is damp.
  • Apply Rust Doctor to the rusty metal. You can apply Rust Doctor over the whole prepared surface. When the rusted metal converts, it will be black with a clear primer on the top, ready for paint. You may want to consult a paint store professional on the best type of paint to use on your Rust Doctor treated  gutters.

    3 part panel -small

    L to R: Rusty metal, treated metal with Rust Doctor, finished painted surface

  • Remember, if you are not comfortable on a ladder or the roof; please hire a professional to do the work. Let them know you would like to use Rust Doctor products.

The beauty of using Rust Doctor products is that they are non-flammable, non-toxic, and biodegradable.  There are no solvents and dangerous fumes. Rust Doctor is water based and makes clean up a breeze.

If you have questions about our Rust Doctor products, please contact us via email or phone. Be sure to take a look at our short video on the use of our Rust Doctor products.

Sometimes the Rust Doctor Team can’t help themselves…just remember for the fall:

“You GUTTER do it!”


Rust Doctor products are proudly made in the USA!



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