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Remove Rust from Your Door Jambs

Posted by Rodger Busse on

Here’s a solution for a customer who has a problem with rust on his door jambs and wheel wells.

Rust Doctor,

Help! I have a 2003 GMC Sierra and this winter has been hell on my truck. The jamb under the doors and body around the wheel wells are being eaten away with rust. This spring I am thinking of cutting it all out but am afraid of doing more harm then good…. Any recommendations?  


Hi Mike,

It sounds like winter has wreaked havoc on your truck.  This winter has been hard on many of our customers. You are wise to think twice about cutting out any metal. You do not need to cut out the rusted metal, we have any easier option for you.  Rust Doctor will convert all the rust to a hard non-rusting black iron oxide which will never rust again and leave a clear primer on the surface so you can top coat with any kind or color of paint.  Here are the steps to fixing your problem:

  1. Apply our Grease Doctor cleaner/degreaser to the rusty surface and brush with a wire brush to remove loose rust and paint.  Rinse the surface thoroughly with water.  Check the surface to be sure there is not loose rust or paint on the surface.  If there is, remove it with the wire brush.
  1. Apply Rust Doctor with a brush, applying enough so that there is no rust showing through the surface.  On areas where the rust is particularly heavy, you may want to apply a second coat of Rust Doctor while the first coat is still tacky which is usually about 10 minutes after you applied the first coat.  You can wash your brush under the water faucet for future use.
  1. After the Rust Doctor has cured for 24 hours, you can use body filler/putty or fiberglass on any areas you feel are too this or weak or have small holes or to create a smoother surface for top coating.  You can weld on a Rust Doctor treated surface if you need to.  
  1. As is done in body shops, you can spray sanding primer on the surface and sand with 200 grit wet and dry paper, applying one or more coats until you have the surface as smooth as you need.  The advantage of wet and dry paper is you can sand dip and sand and dip in water and wash off the paint particles as you sand the primed surface. This would be along the door jams as you can see these areas.  Since the fender wells are out of site it could be painted as is. 
RD 3 sizes

Rust Doctor come in 3 sizes







One quart of Rust Doctor and a quart of Grease Doctor should be enough for the amount of surface area you are treating. The beauty of Rust Doctor for rust removal is it is non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable.  Many of the solvent based product require special ventilation  and strongly suggest the use of respirators . Rust Doctor is a safe and easy to use product to remove rust. Be sure you watch the video on using Rust Doctor on our web site.

3 part panel

Example of before,during and after using Rust Doctor.

If you have more questions on using Rust Doctor, please email or call us here. Our team is always happy to assist our customers with their questions or concerns about their projects.

The Rust Doctor Team




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