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Rusty Frame & Guarantee

Posted by Rodger Busse on

 Here is an email from Ken regarding a rusted frame & more.

I am writing to get some more information on your product, Rust Doctor. As I searched the internet, I could not find many video’s that demonstrated clear use (step by step) of their products to remove rust. These products were also solvent based, which is a safety concern to me. I did notice that your video on your web site and YouTube does demonstrate the use of Rust Doctor on rusty metal . Do you have any testimonials for your product?  I have several car enthusiast friends who are also interested, but they wanted to see some non-biased results from other Rust Doctor customers.   I have a 1997  Chevy Suburban that has a very rusted  frame. Would your Rust Doctor product convert this rust into a surface that could be directly primed and painted without the rust returning ? What is the warranty for your product?

Thanks for all the info,


Hi Ken.

Thanks for you questions regarding the use of Rust Doctor products. We are glad you caught our video on our site and on YouTube. Our product differs greatly from the solvent based products that you find out on the market. Safety is a concern for both home use and industry customers. Our product is water-based. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable. This should address your concern about safe use of our products to remove rust. It also makes clean up a breeze, especially if you are using airless sprayers.

Our guarantee: We will return your purchase price if our product does not perform as stated and you carefully follow the directions on the bottle.

 Regarding your other question. Rust Doctor works by converting the rust, while most solvent based products cover or encapsulate the rust.

Once the rust has converted, it leaves a clear primer on the surface. We recommend painting with Rust Doctor over the entire surface you are working on. Then both the converted rust and the paint will now be primed. The rusty areas will turn black which means the rust is permanently gone and is now protecting the base metal underneath. If there is any rust in the bare metal (even down in the pores of the metal which you can’t see), it will turn black. You can paint the surface after it has cured in 24 hours. It is dry to touch in 30 minutes, which helps prevent dust collecting on the surface.  If the surface is exposed to a lot of long term moisture, we recommend top coating.  However, if the surface is on the interior of a vehicle or building, you can skip the top coating phase.

 You will need to clean the surface with a water based cleaner/degreaser such as our Grease Doctor before treating the surface. Apply the cleaner to the surface and brush it lightly with a wire brush. The brushing will remove loose rust and paint. Rinse the surface with water to remove contaminants, loose rust and loose paint. Now the surface is ready for a Rust Doctor treatment. Wash your brush or clean your spray gun with water. Rust Doctor dries to touch in 20 to 30 minutes. Allow 24 hours for complete cure.

You can use body filler, fiberglass on a Rust Doctor treated surface (scuff lightly before application). Also, you can weld on a Rust Doctor treated surface.

Testimonials: Check out our blog to see how our customers have successfully used Rust Doctor to remove rust. You can also check out some testimonials the Rust Doctor web page.



Follow-Up: Ken contacted us later to order Rust Doctor products for his frame work on his Chevy Suburban. He was impressed with the level of customer service the Rust Doctor offered. It is our goal to provide the quality “customer centered” service to help you with your project, large or small. If you have before or after pictures of your projects, we would like to feature them on our blog . Just forward them to us and we will do the rest. Have a question? Call or email us.

Rust Doctor Team


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