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Rusty Metal Pipes & Industrial Use

Posted by Rodger Busse on

Here is a good question from a company that supplies industrial pipe to companies and utilities.

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Good day, I have a few questions about your product, Rust Doctor. We are trying to come up with an idea for reclaiming pipe that has become too rusty for our customers requirements.

1. If we were to apply Rust Doctor to pipe that still has a partial coating would it only react  to the rusty metal  or would it peel up the coating that is still on pipe?

2. What, if any,  reaction would Rust Doctor have say to a rubber gasket, after dry of course…Your input would be helpful. Tony

Answer for those rusting pipe.

Rust Doctor only reacts with rust so it would not have an effect on any existing coating or  rubber gaskets. The basic process is to convert the rust to a non-rusting black iron oxide and leave a clear latex primer on the surface, including the existing coating. You will need to clean the surface with a water based cleaner such as our Grease Doctor cleaner/degreaser which is also safe to use on the pipe and existing coating and rubber gaskets. This should fix the rust on your pipe inventory to sell to your customers. The Rust Doctor has been used in many industrial applications for rust repair, including rusty large tanks, the marine industry,rusty beams in warehouses, rusting metal roofs etc. If you have more questions about the Rust Doctor or Grease Doctor, please contact us.

The Rust Doctor Team

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