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Using Rust Doctor Products for Rust Removal on 1951 John Deere Tractor

Posted by Rodger Busse on

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Rust removal was made easy with Rust Doctor products. Here is Martin and his refurbished 1951 John Deere tractor.

Behind every restoration is a story. This story is about Rust Doctor customer Martin and his love affair with a 1951 John Deere Tractor “Johnny Popper”. Martin worked for a farmer as a young teen out in Montana helping to feed and care for 300 range cattle. In the early years on the farm, and until 1951 they used teams of horses to get the work done. A few years after WW II ended, the owner of the farm was finally able to buy a 1951 John Deere 2-cylinder tractor. At the time this was a very big deal and the local farmers from all over the region came to take a look at a machine that would make life easier. As Martin shared with the Rust Doctor, the first job of the ’51 was to work in -30 degree weather to take hay out to the cattle. Having a this John Deere tractor made this chore much easier, according to Martin.

Martin got a “call to action” during the Korean War. After serving four years in the Navy, Martin worked at several careers, including time with the railroad, Ford Motor Company, and happily settled in working for John Deere. Martin eventually headed west to California and is now retired. But he always wondered what happened to that ’51 tractor. Ten years ago Martin visited the old farm where he first encountered that wonderful machine. There it sat, in a field, old, tired, dirty and in desperate not of rust removal. Three years after that visit, the family that owned the farm asked Martin if he would like to have the broken down old rusty tractor. Martin jumped at the chance, brought it home and started the process of rust removal. Martin worked hard to restore it to its former glory using our Rust Doctor products, Rust Doctor and Grease Doctor. In a recent letter to the Rust Doctor team he stated, “The Rust Doctor products were the best way to go for this project with all of the rust removal that was needed.” Martin has recently converted the tractor to supports two riders. Now he and his lovely wife participate in many parades and events together. It’s great to see Martin reunited with his friend of 62 year – “Johnny Popper”. Yes, it was a story to be told. Thanks Martin for being such a loyal customer of Rust Doctor!

We know there are a lot of tractor enthusiast out there. If you have a special story or pictures you would like to share, please contact the Rust Doctor team.  We like to hear how you used our rust remover for your projects – whatever they are.


Going fishing this spring? Get a head start on your rust removal with Rust Doctor. Just another way customers use Rust Doctor products.


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