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We often get questions about how much Rust Doctor is needed to repair rust. Here is a typical question we get. If you have a rusty metal question about usage, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We have helped our Rust Doctor customers figure square footage on some pretty interesting projects, like rusted roofs, iron picket fences etc.

Question About Rusting

I have an all original 1964 pick up that is rusting.

I want to keep it for my sons, but I’m afraid that the rust will get the better of it before they do.  If I use the Rust Doctor  product to stop the rust today, will my boys have any issues in the future  with sanding, priming, and painting?

This would be in about 8 – 10 years.



Thanks for your question Bruce. Sounds like your boys will have a great truck to work on in the future. It’s wise that you are thinking about fixing the rust now.

Once Rust Doctor turns the rust to a black iron oxide, the rust is permanently gone. If you apply Rust Doctor to your truck and want to work on it any time in the future (years later if need be), all you will have to do is slightly scuff the surface with fine sandpaper before you begin priming and painting. The clear primer left on the surface after Rust Doctor is applied gets harder over time. Scuffing is not necessary within the first 30 days of application. One way to avoid having to sand the surface in the future is to apply a primer within 30 days of the original Rust Doctor application. This way you (or your sons) will not need to sand it before they choose their favorite color to paint that ’64 truck.

Typically, a quart of Rust Doctor will cover all the floor boards and trunk area of a car or the frame of a car or truck . If you need to do more than a frame, you will need at least two quarts. Each Rust Doctor quart will cover 50 square feet of rusty metal. The gallon will cover 200 hundred square feet which is your whole truck. Here one more resource from our Rust Doctor web page.

The Rust Doctor Team

No one wants to see an old truck or car end up in the "rust graveyard" Repair rust now.

No one wants to see an old truck or car end up in the “rust graveyard” Repair rust now.















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