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A Sears Mail Order Car

Posted by Rodger Busse on

Imagine the love and elbow grease that was needed to remove rust from this1909 Sears Motor Buggy Model K. The Rust Doctor travels to several car and agricultural shows every year. While in Washington State, Wayne showed up at the Rust Doctor booth to tell us how much he liked using  the Rust Doctor products to remove rust from his project. A member of the Rust Doctor team went over to see Wayne’s amazing project. It was a beauty! This was an amazing mail-order motor buggy that originally sold in the Sears catalog for $395. We recently contacted Wayne for a “before” picture of his project. We couldn’t believe the magic he had done with his buggy! Thanks to Wayne for sharing his “before ” picture of his project. Look and see how Rust Doctor can work to remove rust without grinding or sandblasting.


The Sears Motor Buggy before rust removal

The Sears Motor Buggy before rust removal

Motor Buggy - Rust removal a success!

A Rust removal a success!


If you are working on a a rusty metal project and using  Rust Doctor products, feel free to upload us some pictures of how it is going. We enjoy sharing your success. It can be cars, a metal fence, a oil tank children’s toys etc. Just email us with your pictures and tell us about your story.


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