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Pot-Belly Stove Project

Posted by Rodger Busse on

We get all sorts of interesting questions about the use of Rust Doctor. Here is one from Dan who is restoring a good old fashioned pot-belly stove. Cold weather sometimes inspires us.

I purchased some Rust Doctor for a project and was very happy with the results. I now have some left over Rust Doctor converter/ primer and would like to use it on an old pot-belly stove. Your ad says Rust Doctor is non-flammable, will it work for this job? Thanks…Dan

Hi Dan,

Rust Doctor leaves two components on the surface when you treat rust. The black iron oxide which is the converted rust is not affected by heat. In fact, you can weld on a Rust Doctor treated surface. The second component is the clear primer that is left on the surface after the Rust Doctor has cured. This clear primer can handle up to 300 degrees and then begins to burn off-just smoke, which is non-toxic.

Based on this information, you can see how you could use Rust Doctor on the rusty pot-belly stove. After  Rust Doctor has cured on the stove for 24 hours, fire up the stove and let the primer burn off on the 300 degree plus areas. You could then paint the stove with a high temperature barbecue type paint. The paint will stick in the areas where the primer burned off because these paints do not need primer. It will stick on the areas with primer as well. Check out our post for other uses of Rust Doctor products.

We know the Rust Doctor will help with the rust removal on your pot-belly stove. Good luck Dan on another project!

A great Rust Doctor project

A great Rust Doctor project






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