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Remove Rust From a Race Car Undercarriage

Posted by Rodger Busse on

I need to apply Rust Doctor to the undercarriage of my race car where most of the paint is gone and the metal has surface rust.  However the drive-shaft tunnel is still painted and not rusted. Will Rust Doctor adhere to the painted surface?  Should I scuff the paint to help adhesion? If not, how long will it take to flake off before I can paint it?

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your question. It is one that comes to us frequently about rust removal and it’s great to check on it to make sure your project on your race car goes well.

After you have prepped your undercarriage with a cleaner/degreaser like the Grease Doctor and rinsed it thoroughly, you can apply the Rust Doctor to the whole surface to remove rust. The rust will convert to a black iron oxide surface with a clear primer on it. You can apply Rust Doctor over painted surfaces like the drive-shaft tunnel as well. If there are any nicks or scratches on the drive-tunnel, they will also turn black.  You may then want to paint the drive shaft along with the whole undercarriage.  Scuffing the paint will help with the adhesion of the Rust Doctor. Here’s a link to our “how to” portion of our web page.

A race car is quite an investment, as are most cars. It’s great that you are concerned with the car both inside and out and taking excellent care to remove rust.

Good luck on your project Eric, and have a great racing season. Feel free to send us pictures of your race car. We always like to post pictures of our customer’s projects. Just send a JPEG file  to our contact email and we will do the rest.

 Poor old Packard. Just a rust bucket waiting for rust removal.

Poor old Packard. Just a rust bucket waiting for rust removal.

Picture of the 3 stages of using Rust Doctor to remove rust. Before, after application and the final painted surface.


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