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Rust Removal & Body Fillers

Posted by Rodger Busse on

Hi. I have purchased the Rust Doctor to remove rust from my car hood. Not only is the hood rust covered, it needs body work. Is it okay to spread body plastic over it and/or will it hold up without any problems chemical or other wise?

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That’s a great question Joe! You can apply body filler/putty on the Rust Doctor treated surface. Slightly scuff the surface with some 200 or 300 grit sand paper so you can get a “good bite” in the already treated Rust Doctor surface. You can apply virtually any product over a Rust Doctor treated surface, including fiberglass, bed liner and sound deadening coatings.

The Rust Doctor team had a real challenge when they decided to restore their own project – A 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance. Talk about rust removal! There was plenty of body work to be done as well, which included using body plastic. Then there was the painting, cleaning up chrome, and reclaiming the whole interior.

The ambulance had been used  at the Bonneville Salt Flat Time trials for several years in the early 70’s. The environmental conditions were rough and took its’ toll on the Bonneville. It was eventually was bought by a private party in Arizona and then the Rust Doctor team found it on Ebay and brought it home to Oregon. It was a “love of labor” as most car projects are. It took time to gather parts, prepare the ambulance for rust removal with Grease Doctor and then converting the rust permanently with Rust Doctor. It has now been restored to the beauty it once was. As many of you do, we named our car. She is now called “Bonne”. We take her to car shows, parades, and sometime take her to trade shows we attend. Maybe someday we will see Joe or some of our other customers in a show with their projects. Feel free to send us your success story and pictures. We would like to feature them on our blog. Just contact us at the Rust Doctor. Here are some pictures of the Rust Doctor 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance.

The Rust Doctor Team

in a show

This is the 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance before work is done.


Power washing under carriage of “Bonne” picture by Graham Lewis Fine Photography.

Car putty on back rear after rust removal.

Car putty on back rear after rust removal.


Bonne Side view of 69 before chrome

Here is an after shot of the same area. We decided to paint the majority of the ambulance red.

The interior of "Bonne". Hard to imagine such a small space for patients.

The interior of “Bonne”. Hard to imagine such a small space for patients.

This is Bonne in Reno's Hot August Nights cruise. Photo courtesy of Graham Lewis Photography.

This is Bonne in Reno’s Hot August Nights cruise. Photo courtesy of Graham Lewis Fine Photography.



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