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Remove Rust from Horse Corrals

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Clint Eastwood 

“Sometimes if you want to see changes for the better, you have to take things in you’re your own hands.”  – Clint Eastwood

I’m not sure Clint Eastwood  ever had to restore a corral, but the quote fits for all of you that need to remove rusty metal from your rusted out corrals or fencing.  Most animal lovers like to provide a clean and safe environment for their horses or other animals. The extra bonus is to have a nice looking corral as well. Corrals come in all shapes, sizes and materials. We are focusing on getting metal corrals looking new again with the Rust Doctor.

Corral portable good shape Horse corral horse corral painted

Don’t let your rusty old metal corral panels get so bad that they rust through. Time and the environment can ruin your corrals and your investment.

Here are the steps needed to paint your corrals and breathe new life into them. You can make them look new again and get more life from them. Follow our “Tips & tricks”to prepare the rusty panels or fencing for rust removal and painting . The Rust Doctor gets rid of rust forever. With that in mind, here are some tips that will make removing rust from old metal panels easier and more effective.

1. Get Rid of Rust – Forever

Before you can paint your metal corral panels, you need to make sure that they are free of rust. In order to remove rust buildup on the panels, use a wire brush to scrub areas where rust damage appears. It is important that you brush off loose paint flakes as well. Some customers find it useful to use a power washer to loosen the rust and paint flakes. Spray horizontally if you decide to use this method to keep mud from splashing up. You may find that you need to brush off the bottom rails by hand with a wire brush.

2. Clean the Rusty Metal

Use a water based cleaner/degreaser like the Grease Doctor. This is an important step to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants that may be present. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with water. You can hose it off or use a bucket with water and rag.

4. Apply the Rust Doctor

Once your rusty metal surface is clean and dry, you are ready to paint the rusty corral surfaces.  While you can use a paint brush, many customers prefer to use painting mitts. Paint mittens work best as they are lined with plastic to keep your hands free of paint. The illustration below shows a man using latex gloves under his cotton gloves. This may work for you, but the mitts hold paint better. Paint mittens can be found on-line, at most paint and home improvement stores, such as Home Depot.  We recommend covering the whole surface both painted and rusted metal. As the Rust Doctor dries, it will turn black.  This coating also has a clear primer over the areas you have painted with the Rust Doctor product.

rusty corral

Good example of a rusty metal transformation

5. Painting Your Corral

Now comes the fun part of your project –  choosing a color of paint. We recommend that you top coat your panels with a good quality paint for a maximum benefit. Check with your local paint store which paint would work best in this type of environment.

pipe corral 01

Example of restored corral panels. This looks like a great place for horses to run and train.

6. Clean Up & More

The Rust Doctor makes the use and clean up a breeze.  It is non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable and safe to use. You do not need special respirators and ventilation systems as many solvent based products recommend. Clean up? Just use water for cleaning your brushes, or sprayers.


We are proud to say that the Rust Doctor products are made in the USA. If you have any questions or need assistance with your rusty metal projects, give us a call or email here.


Happy Trails,

The Rust Doctor Team


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