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Remove Rust from Metal Casement Windows

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Restored window casement

Example of a beautifully restored metal encased window

Many older buildings that have metal encased windows. You will often see these types of windows in older homes, apartments and commercial buildings. Often these window encasements add a beautiful architectural look to the building. Being metal, they are exposed to the elements and over time can rust. Replacing this type of window is costly, and can be inconvenient in an occupied building. Rust Doctor has a solution for those rusty window encasements.

Oxidation on iron and steel is easy to spot. It is identified by its reddish brown color and its tendency to powder or flake off. Rust creates hard bubbles under paint, which forces the paint from the surface, exposing the metal. This process of exposing the metal causes the metal to rust even faster. The breaks down until it crumbles and flakes. If there is rust on your window encasement, it is best to deal with it as soon as you can.

rusted window casement

This window encasement is ready for a repair job with Rust Doctor


The first step is to clean off as much of the loose rust. Start by brushing with a wire brush along the surface of the metal framework. This will not hurt the good steel underneath the old paint, but will remove loose flakes of old paint and rust. Remove pieces of paint and rust that have started to flake away from the surface of the metal.  This will give you a smoother surface to repaint. You can try a power washer instead of using a wire brush, but be sure if takes off the rust and the paint flakes. Check out our video on using Rust Doctor.


Wash down the casements with a water-based product like Grease Doctor cleaner/degreaser to remove any dirt or accumulated contamination that may be present. Rinse thoroughly with water. If you are restoring your windows on the inside, you will need to use a bucket and a rag to rinse off the cleaner.


After the window encasements are dry, you are ready to paint Rust Doctor on the rusted and painted surfaces. Rust Doctor is dry to touch in 30 minutes and ready to paint after it has cured for 24 hours.  The surface will turn the rusty metal black and have a clear primer.  You can choose to leave the window encasement black, or use another color of your choice. We would recommend you consult with your local paint store for the best type of paint for your encasement windows. Rust doctor can be top coated with all types of paint, both latex and solvent or oil based paints.

Rust Doctor is non-toxic, non-flammable,e and biodegradable. This makes Rust Doctor very attractive for those inside jobs. Many rust paints are solvent based and requires special respirators  and ventilation when using their products. Rust Doctor is water based…which means water clean up for the consumer.

how to use 003

Water clean up makes your project a breeze

 Rust Doctor  and Grease Doctor comes in three sizes for your convenience.Check our web site for internet specials.

RD 3 sizes


If you have questions about rust removal, email, give us a call or post a comment or pictures on our Facebook  page.


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