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Remove Rust from Rusty Nuts & Bolts

Posted by Rodger Busse on

Rusted Bolts


I have ordered Rust Doctor and have a question regarding the application of the product. I intend to use it on these bolts that have been previously painted. Should I clean the bolts first… or just apply your product, and then repaint them with a rust inhibiting paint?


Thanks for your question and picture David. The picture helps us see what rust repair job you are working on and how we can answer question about rust repair.

We suggest you clean the nuts and bolts with a small brush using the Grease Doctor cleaner/degreaser. Be sure if you see any other scratches or nicks in the area of your rusty metal to treat it as well. You might consider treating the whole metal plate to repair the rust. Just apply the Grease Doctor cleaner/degreaser to the area to be treated to remove loose rust and paint, and then rinse the surface with water. You need to remove loose paint to expose the rust underneath. The Grease Doctor will dissolve any contamination that might be on the surface. After rinsing the treated area, let the area dry before applying Rust Doctor. Rust Doctor treated surfaces can be handled 30 minutes after application but the treated area must be cured for 24 hours. The Rust Doctor is then ready for paint or other types of coatings on the surface.  Please contact us if you have more question on using Rust Doctor or Grease Doctor. 

The Rust Doctor Team


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