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You Can Be a Rust Artist

Posted by Rodger Busse on

The Rust Doctor thought you might like to see a new type of “art” show. While we may not be as famous as some of the old master painters, we are great at what we do! We want to share our “masterpiece” pictures on how to remove rust. Do you want to become a master painter too? It just takes a few tools, a little time and Rust Doctor products and you can create a finished masterpiece – FREE of rust. Take a peek. Let the artist in you out!

how to use- sm brush

Apply Grease Doctor, let it rest for a few minutes and then brush off . You may want to use a pressure washer for larger projects. This dissolves contaminates and releases them from the surface.

how to use small apply RD

After your rusty metal has dried, apply the rust doctor.

3 part panel -small

Here is a shot of a before, during process and what the finished panel look like. This is a 1942 Dodge floorboard piece.

restored metal -small

Fully converted rust metal that is now converted to magnetite. This is another part of the Dodge floorboard.

finshed piece - small

Finished piece of rusty metal. You have stopped the rust. Your tools were simple, a wire brush, brush, a little elbow grease, and Rust Doctor products.

how to use 003

Water clean up!


Want more information how how to use Rust Doctor products to repair rust? Check out our video on our home page.





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